Welcome to Income Investing Secrets

This site is targeted for the serious investor looking for a reliable method to:

  • Create an income stream from your hard earned life savings
  • Retire on your savings with a monthly income WITHOUT touching your principal
  • Invest with predictable results no matter what your age

If you are like most investors/traders and you’ve spent many years trying to find the investment approach that is right for you, we completely understand. We’ve tried stock swing trading, stock day trading, Mutual Fund trading, Modern Portfolio Theory, complex Options strategies, Penny Stocks, and more. None of these worked to our satisfaction but we did find something that really works well – Income Investing.

Income Investing or Dividend Investing can be a very rewarding investment strategy if done properly. The key is finding the proper risk-to-reward ratio that fits your individual style. We feel a low to medium risk portfolio can generate a nice 6-8% annual return if you use a buy and hold strategy. If you are willing to do a little work, you should be able to get much higher annualized returns by buying and selling at the proper time. Annualized returns of 20%, 30%, and even 40% are achievable. While this type of investing style has primarily been used by retirees, it is a valuable strategy for any age.

We’ve tried to include a lot of education in the links to discuss Preferred Stocks, Exchanged Trade Debt or Baby Bonds, and a few different options strategies that are not too difficult. If you are interested in these strategies, we offer a subscription service in which we provide some investing ideas. These will not only be ideas, they will be the exact executed trades by our primary investor along with the reasoning behind the trade. The number of ideas depends upon market volatility, market direction, and other various other items in this investing area. Sometimes there will be multiple ideas in a day, while other times there may be only a handful in a week. While we do feel these ideas are valuable to most investors, we don’t know your individual circumstance and the ideas may or may not be a fit for your portfolio. That is a decision you need to make either with or without the assistance of your financial adviser.

We’ve been using this particular strategy since 2007 and it has performed very well every single year. This is certainly not a get-rich scheme. If you are looking for a high risk, high return strategy, then this is not for you. If you are looking for a sustainable, somewhat predictable approach, then we invite you to join. There are monthly and annual memberships available.

Membership offers the following great benefits:

  • Access our large listing of over 600 Preferred Stocks and Baby Bonds that includes important information on each one.
  • Use the pre-defined filters to help you find investments that fit your individual investing style or create your own filters.
  • See all the trades we place to help you learn and get trade ideas. This includes both buying and selling.
  • Be the first to learn about upcoming and newly released Preferred Stocks and Baby Bonds. Buying these early can be advantageous.
  • Learn about upcoming call dates which can have a very negative affect on your portfolio.
  • View our current account holdings to determine if there are any investments that could fit into your portfolio.


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